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Near Disneyland


You’ll Love the Neighborhood Around Disneyland!
Rest assured during your vacation to the Disneyland® Resort when you stay at a certified Good Neighbor Hotel. Each of these good neighbors is within walking distance or a short ride from the parks and the terrific shopping, restaurants, and entertainment of the Downtown Disney® District. 

Suite-Level Hotels
Offering an elegant respite from the excitement, suite-level hotels are designed to accommodate parties of six to eight guests. Many of these properties offer complimentary breakfasts and programs for the kids.

Superior-Level Hotels
Amenities at superior-level hotels include room service, health club/spa/pools, and full-service restaurants. They can accommodate up to five guests, and many offer complimentary breakfast and children’s programs.

Moderate-Level Hotels
Swimming pools, room service, and other amenities welcome your family to moderate-level Good Neighbor hotels. Rooms can accommodate parties of four to six guests, and many properties provide complimentary breakfast, kids’ programs, gift shops, and more.

Economy-Level Hotels
Budget-conscious families will appreciate ecomomy-level hotels, all with swimming pools. Five to eight guests can be accommodated, and many of the hotels offer complimentary breakfast, room service, kids’ programs, gift shops, and more.

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